Top Things To Buy For A Newborn Baby: Baby Product Review


This is my second child and I decided I wanted to just get the bare minimum when it came to buying the baby stuff.

Baby items are expensive and with my first daughter we had a big baby shower. I got tons of gear, half of which I didn’t even use. It was just sitting around my house collecting dust. Some of it, my baby didn’t even like, so I couldn’t use it. Now that I’m kind of a veteran in baby care, I know exactly what to get so I don’t end up with items to give away.

Here are my five top items for new moms

1)Ergo Baby Carrier With Infant Insert:

I got the Ergo Baby with my first daughter because I was just tired of hauling her around in my arms. A lot of people commented that they had their own carriers either a baby sling carrier or the Bjorn baby. I ended up with the Ergo Baby because I thought wearing your baby sticking in versus facing out was better. And it seemed easier to put on than a sling. The Ergo Baby, I believe is the best best baby carrier for six months and older unless you also get the infant insert. With my second child I bought the infant insert and was able to put her in the carrier right away. I would say I started around three weeks because her legs were just a little too small to put in any sooner. She was actually not that heavy to carry and she slept a lot the first three weeks.

Overall, I use it almost every day. Most of the time I don’t want to take the stroller if it’s too bulky, I’ll put her in the baby carrier. The stroller is really good for long walks or or outings like shopping at the mall. I like baby wearing for shorter outings or if I know I’m going somewhere where there won’t be a ramp and if there’s a lot of stairs. And my baby is pretty comfortable in there. She likes to burp, it’s a good way to burp your baby and she’ll fall asleep pretty easily.


Ergo Baby

2) A Baby Swing: Ingenuity Swing

So with both my children, I got a newborn baby swing. I forget which brand my first had but my daughter really liked it; so with my second child, I decided to get another one. This time I got the ingenuity swing. It’s really cute! It has multiple settings: six settings for speed, a little button for songs, a little light and a rotating mobile that the baby can look at. The actual seat of the swing can be removed and become a rocker. We’ve used it outside as a rocker and she fell asleep in it while we were having a party! The multipurpose aspect is great. It was a bit of a pain to put together but most baby items are for safety reasons.

Ingenuity Swing

3)The Sleepea Swaddle:

Created by Happiest Baby On The Block, this swaddle is amazing! This baby sleep pod immediately resulted in better sleep, it’s a miracle swaddle. I think the secret is the inside wrap, in addition to the outside wrap swaddle that you can zip up or down. Perfect if you need to change your baby, you don’t need to undo the whole thing. It’s supposed to be very snug, so just keep in mind that the small size will fit children up to about four months and then after that you’ll have to get a medium. My friend had referred this swaddle to me. At that point I was desperate, my baby wasn’t sleeping well and my husband and I were exhausted. Since then, I’ve recommended it to two other families and they absolutely love it! This is the swaddle to get your baby to sleep. A reminder, you’re supposed to stop swaddling once your baby starts to be able to turn over on his own. The medium size is good for bigger babies to feel secure but there are openings on each side so the arms can be out, so it’s safe for infants able to turn.


4)Carter’s 3 Month Old Onesie Pajamas And White Onesies:

Babies grow so fast! I found that the newborn onesies will shrink and get too small within two weeks, especially if your baby was born 7.5 lbs or bigger. Just jump to the three month pajamas. They’ll be a little big at first but your baby will quickly grow into them. They won’t really get too small until your babies are at the end of two or three months. Don’t even bother getting the fancy outfits like the skirts, the dresses or the little pants and onesies sets. Sure, they look great but your baby’s going to outgrow them quickly and they’re going to ruin them by pooping through them. Let friends and family shop for all the cute stuff or buy them secondhand because, trust me, I only used the fancy baby clothes once or twice to take a picture and then was never able to fit them in that again.


5)The Boppy Pillow:

This is great for if you’re either breast-feeding or bottlefeeding! Holding a baby with the Boppy pillow will help them fall asleep after they’ve fed. I bought this pillow with my first daughter and now with my second child I had to get it again because it’s just so comfortable for breast-feeding. The one I have has a slip cover, that’s the outside cover that you can take off and wash so if breastmilk or spit up gets on it, it can be cleaned. Totally essential.


6)Diaper Gene

This is 100% necessary. I absolutely love the new Diaper Gene. Dirty diapers no longer leave a smell or stench, the Diaper Gene traps the odors. There are a lot of different brands for diaper disposal but I really love the diaper gene for the refill insert packs. The blue ring packs are just so easy to find. If you’re in a pinch, you can find them at any drug store, Target, Walmart, etc. The lesser known brands are just as good but when it comes to buying the refill bags, it’s more challenging to find.

Diaper Gene

Overall, these are a must buy for those either having their first child or another one. I can’t imagine surviving the first year without them! It took me a lot of trial and error but my babies used and loved all these items!

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