Best Air Fryer Review: Ninja Air Fryers

Best Air Fryer Review: Ninja Air Fryers


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So me and the Husband decided to get one of those ninja air fryers. More like one day I came home and realized he ordered an air fryer. He was so excited to try it!  He swore it was the best air fryer.  So I thought I would put it to the test and give it my best air fryer review.

We got the Ninja Air Fryer, it’s supposed to be the highest rated air fryer. It cost about $100. My Husband’s motivation for it was that it a way to fry food without it being too fatty. I had never heard of an air fryer before I got this but apparently it’s the newest thing since convection ovens. Thankfully it’s not too bulky or unsightly, it takes no more room than a coffee maker.

How it works is pretty simple. You can put meats and veggies in there and they get crispy as if you had fried them in a deep fryer but without the oil.  So it’s an air fryer without oil.  It’s also capable of drying either fruits or meats. Though I haven’t tried it yet on the dehydration setting.

First you have to preheat, it takes about 3 minutes. Then you place the food in the frying container and set it for both temperature and time. It goes up to about 450 degrees. They recommend that you open the frying container and and toss the food occasionally so that it gets evenly cooked. Also make sure the air vent at the top is not obstructed. It came with a mini recipe book for bacon & pepper breakfast hash, breakfast pockets, spice-rubbed chicken breasts chimichurri, pork loin with vegetables, loaded baked potatoes, beef & broccoli, and homemade fish sticks.  I can’t wait to try these!

We’ve tried the air fryer a few times. So far we have used it for heating the crinkled fries and waffle fries. They are so good! I usually make frozen fries in the toaster oven and somehow they always get soggy, soft or a gritty texture to them. In the toaster oven, it needs high heat (400 degrees) to get the edges crispy, and then the inside is dry. With the Air Fryer you just need to set it for 350 degrees for 20 minutes and toss occasionally and it is perfectly crispy!

I also tried using it for mozzarella sticks. I had some spare string cheese that my daughter hadn’t eaten. So rather than let them go bad, I cut them in half and dipped them in egg, flour and breadcrumbs. Then I popped them in the Air Fryer for 350 degrees for 10 minutes. They were a hit and I got to use the string cheese before it was wasted.

We tried to make fried breaded chicken. That was pretty convenient. It was fairly quick and easy to make. I will say that the Air Fryer is better to make food for a small group rather than a large feast. For the fried breaded chicken it came out nice and crispy but I couldn’t have put more than three pieces of chicken breast in there. It took about 20 minutes to make it.

We tried burgers too. I thought it would be weird trying to “fry” a burger but it came out really juicy. I was also afraid it would fall apart in the Air Fryer but the burgers held up pretty well. ?

Overall, the Air Fryer was a pleasant surprise. It’s an amazing addition to our kitchen appliances collection. We can start frying things without the guilty pleasure of the transfat from the oil. I’m pretty excited to try all the recipes and now that it’s summer it’ll be nice not to have to use the oven.  The oven makes our apartment too hot.

I’ve included the link below to order the one I have at home. If you have an Air Fryer feel free to share your recipes below!

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