Due to several requests, I’ll be taking on clients for some self-development services.

Because I’m also working full time, there are limited slots available.

Right now I am offering

  1. Brainstorm Blasts– 30 minute text message sessions where developmental goals and strategies will be discussed.  Brainstorm your next idea, discuss current challenges and obstacles, and plan your next career move!  $30 a session.  Please have access to WhatsApp
  2. Resume Building– Send me your resume for revision and feedback.  I’ve worked with several clients for resume corrections and revisions and they landed the interview!  Allow 72 hours for final version. $100
  3. Mock Interview– Get some feedback on your interview skills.  I’ll prepare a mock interview, go over likely questions and practice answers.  Get the confidence you need today! $75 for 25 minutes.  Must have access to either skype, google calls or Whatsapp video calling.

Payment via Paypal

Inquire via email: [email protected]