Reduce Anxiety Naturally With These Amazing Organizers!


One of my first posts included my struggles with anxiety.

Overcome Your Anxiety. 5 Ways I Worked To Overcome Mine became one of my more popular and shared posts.

Though I’ve come a long way, sometimes I still find myself with a pulsating heartbeat and racing thought of impending doom over the smallest obstacle.  I’m not a person that really needs to manage my anxiety with medicine.  But these moments of panic can really be disruptive in my life.

I’m partnering with SHINESHEETS, another blog that focuses on personal development and anxiety management.

Amber, the site’s creator, made these AMAZING organizers specifically tailored for people that suffer from chronic anxiety.  You see the key to anxiety relief is in maintaining some sort of control over what’s happening in your life, regardless of whether your mind is telling you it’s falling apart.

I thought it was a pretty creative idea and I checked it out and was really impressed. Her digital designs are incredible and are almost guaranteed to help you maintain control and direction in your life.

What really drew me to the idea was that these organizers and journal inserts were actually really intuitive on what it means to live with chronic anxiety and also what it takes to fight it.  I believe Amber is someone who knows full well how crippling anxiety can be, so her creating these affordable organizers based on her own battle with anxiety, only makes this product more authentic and useful.

Immediately I knew that these products were something that could help people.  I mean considering that 40 MILLION people suffer from some form of anxiety and only 40% of those people are able to receive treatment, this product could really change lives.

It could make a dent and some progress in a condition that most people have suffer through silently.  So check out some of these products that caught my eye.  I hope these help you fight and organize yourself through the battle of anxiety.

Look at this Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

I mean, it’s only $6 and these are endless.  You can literally download them over and over and over again.

It’s purpose is that by writing down everyday what you’re grateful for, you can change perspective and find the silver linings in even the darkest days.  Soon you’ll be able to control those spontaneous negative thoughts and stop your anxiety by realizing how full your life is already!

How It Works:

1)Go to the Shinesheets website

2) Choose a bundle 

3) Order and download

4) Print from your computer and start using in your agenda/journal/organizer.

I really can’t support this idea enough.  I would also recommend taking a look at the financial planners.

Finance Tracker

You know how I am about the importance of budgeting and I honestly feel like one of the biggest triggers for anxiety in most people is a lack of financial organization and a lack of financial control.

It includes:

  • Monthly/daily income tracker – track up to 6 income sources
  • Monthly/daily expense tracker – track up to 6 expenses
  • Monthly balance sheet – find out the balance of every day and monthly totals.
  • Yearly income tracker – helps you see what was bringing the most money to your household through the year.
  • Yearly expense tracker – shows you where you’ve spent the most this year.
  • Final yearly total/balance sheet – are you in a profit this year?
  • Yearly savings tracker – track how much you’ve saved every month.
  • Debt payments tracker – a single page tracks one debt for a whole year. =
  • Financial goals sheet – a matching goal setting sheet where you can write down your money flow possibilities, ways to save money and other financial ideas.

This package is only $9, a small investment for finally tackling your stress inducing finances.

This is such an innovative idea and perfect for those who love scrapbooking, organizing or need to get a jump on finding positivity in their lives.

One tip I’d like to share is that you can print them on regular paper or thick resume paper to give it a special touch.  You can also do colored paper.

Honestly, organizing and planning can be an incredible way to put your anxious thoughts away and manage anxiety with mindfulness.  This is a very natural remedy for anxiety and will teach you how to deal with stress.

There’s also a few bundles, this is great if you like a few of the packages she has, you can get a discount and more with a bundle.

Anxiety Bundle

Great for tracking dreams, anxiety triggers and patterns!


Love Yourself Journaling Bundle

Great for creating a journal of your day to day thoughts, worries, and tracking nutrition


Goal Planning Bundle

Perfect for creating a path for yourself and achieving it!


Feel free to share your thoughts, love these and I hope these tools help you accomplish what you need in life <3


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